Ibogaine or ibogaine hydrochloride is the isolated alkaloid from a plant called the Tabernanthe iboga. It is able to break addictions and depressive thought patterns, in which many scientific studies from leading research facilities have proven to be true. It is literally an effective addiction interrupter for many substances including heroin, methadone, alcohol, cocaine, and nicotine and is even used to treat sexually addictive behavior. The way it functions is similar to other addiction treatments in that it blocks toxins that normally take residence in receptor sites. We assure you that there is no other plant or substance that has unique and remarkable results as Ibogaine.

Please see it’s molecular composition in the picture below.

Just having one treatment is enough to cleanse your body and refresh receptor sites.  By doing this is it able to literally rewire neuron- pathways in your brain. After taking Ibogaine the body breaks down its components in the liver. This organ of the body then turns it into the metabolite Nor-Ibogaine,  this is then stored up in the fat cells of the body and released into the bloodstream. This unique molecule and its chemical components actively rewire brain chemistry thus bringing the mind and body back into balance.

When you have an Ibogaine treatment it has been observed that the chemicals in the brain, adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin and endorphins are leveled out.  In addition to this, there is a 90% reduction in physical withdrawal symptoms. Furthermore, post-treatment cravings are almost nonexistent. In comparison to other detoxification methods, Ibogaine is a vastly more tolerable approach. By not having any withdrawal symptoms you are better able to analyze the cause of the effect. The cause is often psychological, originating from specific persons or traumatic events and the effect is usually the addiction.  By removing the cause you remove the effect.


Some examples of physical health issues Ibogaine has been known to help are Autoimmune conditions, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Herpes, Human papillomavirus, Eczema, Infertility, Chronic pain management, heavy metal toxicity, and arthritis.  In addition to this example of psychological issues Ibogaine has been known to help are Depression, Bi-polar disorder, Anxiety, Mental/emotional abuse issues, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), attention deficit disorder (ADD) and mood disorders.

Do you want to continue a life fueled by addictions and or emotional pain? Or do you want a life where you are liberated and free to live the life you really deserve?

We provide aftercare follow up as a necessary part of the treatment as a whole. In the case of alcohol and caffeine addition it takes two days for the mind and body to refresh itself.  The active components in Ibogaine are nonrecreational and in no way addictive.

Different stages of Ibogaine journey

The Awakened dream state

The first phase of the ibogaine treatment is called the ‘Awakened dream state’.

In this phase of the treatment the Ibogaine takes you to the root causes of your problems. These root causes are often traumatic repressed memories or events.  These causes led to the effect, your issues, addictions and current condition. By removing the cause you destroy the effect. These causes are often lurking in the subconscious mind. The medicine is able to bring them up to the conscious mind for integration and observation. This enables you to fully understand and get a hold on where your issues came from and events and memories that you repressed or did not remember before are now fully realized.

Having an Ibogaine treatment has been likened to having ten years of therapy.  All causes of addictions and destructive behavior patterns are now analyzed and fully understood in a matter of hours.  Most of our clients report this to be visual, however even if there are no visions, the plant still resets all receptor sites and balances the psychological and physiological aspects of mind and body.

The introspective phase

Hence the name of this part of the treatment or journey, this is a period of introspection. During this time all repressed memories, emotions and events that came up during the first phase are digested by the mind and body. This undertaking lasts for 24 – 36 hours, in which time you will fully process all emotions and realizations.

This phase largely involves the releasing and letting go of these emotions so the transmutation of your self is fully operational. The circulation of energy in the body is extremely heightened and some fine-tuning into the emotions that come up difficult to deal with. However this is an integral part of the healing process and it is phenomenally important to let everything come out.  Having the courage to keep going inward is the key element here. However, you can be rest assured the Ibogaine seems to know how much each person can handle.  It is important to realize that it is the letting go and allowing this process that determines just how successful your treatment is. We provide assistance and guidance throughout your journey in a safe, trusting manner.

Cultivating the art of Living

The miraculous healing you experience still remains working in the body for 12-24 after having an Ibogaine treatment. Furthermore it takes 21 days after having an Ibogaine treatment for the process to be fully completed and integrated. However, this is done using subconscious processes. After this time the mind and body are firmly balanced and you are able to live your life in harmony, self-compassion, and humility.